Hi-tech lab - புதிய கணினி பயிற்றுநர்களுக்கு 3 நாட்கள் பயிற்சி - SPD Proceedings

 Hi-tech lab களில் புதிதாக பணியில் சேர்ந்த கணினி பயிற்றுநர்களுக்கு 3 நாட்கள் பயிற்சி SPD அவர்களின் செயல்முறைகள்

With reference cited first above, Administrators cum Instructors have been placed in schools by KELTRON. For smooth functioning of Hi-Tech labs, KELTRON is going to provide training for 3 days for their Administrators cum Instructors from 19.06.2024 to 21.06.2024 who have been placed by them.

In this regard, it is informed to select the venues for the above mentioned training in and around the headquarter or as per your convenience and to inform the same to the selected Administrators cum Instructors once the training venue is confirmed through the Headmasters concerned. The training expenditure will be met out by KELTRON only.

State Project Director


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