Agricultural Field Officer Memory Based Previous Year Question and Answer 2016

 1. Which state is first in production and area of Potato is ? Uttarakhand

2.Which of the following variety of potato is cultivated mostly in Kharif Season ? Agri found dark red

3.Hollow heart and black heart disease of potato is due to? Physiological disorder

4.Milk Fever is also know as ? Parturient paresis

5.Which is used to separate link from cotton seed ? Sulphuric acid 

6.Central agricultural university located at ? Imphal

7.Little leaf of mango is caused due to deficiency of ? Zinc

8.Seed rate of fodder purpose Maize? 50kg/ha

9. Early maturity variety of Maize? JKMH-1701

10.Trichogramma is ? Egg parasitoid

11.Storage Grain Pest ? Khapra Beetle

12.Most Efficient method to control storage grain pest ? Fumigant / Fumigation

13.pH of alkali soil is ? >8

14.Grape variety which has highest area under cultivation in India? Thomson Seedless

15.The rate of water absorption by plant is decreased due to deficiency of ? Iron

16.No till planter is used for ? Dibbling

17.Which of the following breed produces good quality carpet wool? Chokla

18.Conversion factor or bemlin factor for organic matter ? 1.72

19.Drip irrigation - High fertilizer use efficiency, Low cost utilization, High cost efficiency

20.Easily available water to plant ? Capillary water

21.Which fruit crop mostly propagated by micropropagation? Banana

22.Famous variety if mandarin? Nagpur

23.Propping - Banana

24.Primilin,vikram and chakradhar are the variety of ? Lime

25.Triacylglycerols are stored in ? Oleosins

26.Indian institute of Pulses research is located at ? Kanpur

27.Indian Journal of Agriculture Research ? Monthly

28.Fertilizer Journal of India is published by ? The Fertilizers Association of India

29.National research center of ground nut is now renamed as directorate of ground nut research and is located at? Jamnagar

30. AGMARK ? Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marketing Act)

31.Vasantrao Naik Award for ? Dry farming and its development

32.Nationl Agriculture Insurance Company was founded in year? 2002

33.Which vegetable's export was maximum in 2014-15? Onion

34.Aluminum Phosphate is ? Rodenticide

35.Cost of growing crop is know  as ? Cost of Cultivation

36.Primary Tillage Implement ? Wooden Plough

37.Yield of Oat? 2 -3 ton/ha

38.Apple cultivation Spacing ? 8 m x 8m

39.Variety suitable for high density planting variety of Mango ? Amrapali

40.Langhra & dasheri mango are available in market in the month of ? June-July

41.Best time for sowing of cuttings of grapes in North India ? Jan- Feb

42.Best time for grapes pruning in North India ? October - November 

43. Die back of Citrus caused due to deficiency of  ? Copper 

44.Spacing for dwarf Cavendish of Banana ? 1.5 m x 1.5 m

45.Highest fat content in the butter of ? Badavari


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