Daily Dosage - Soil Science Oneliner for all Competitive Exam

Soil Science Oneliner for all Competitive Exam

1.             Black soil are best suitable for Dry land Agriculture.

2.             Red color of red soil is due to presence of Iron oxides.

3.             Most dominant mineral present on earth crust is Feldspar (48%).

4.             Mechanical analysis of soil separation is done by Hydrometric method.

5.             Kaolinite is most dominant mineral present in Red soil.

6.             Clay soil has highest total pore space.

7.             The weight of furrow slice of soil is 2.25x 106 kg/ha.

8.             Order of black soil is vertisol.

9.             The term Zero tillage is coined by Jethrotull.

10.        USA is the first country to introduce zero tillage.

11.        The microorganisms has highest biomass in soil is Fungi.

12.        National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning is located Nagpur.

13.        Central Soil Salinity Research Institute is located at Karnal Haryana.

14.        Central soil testing laboratory is located at Patna, Bihar.

15.        B horizon is also known as illuvial horizon.

16.        A horizon is also known isElluvial horizon.

17.        O horizon is absent in Arable soil.

18.        O horizon is present in forest soil.

19.        Highest production of FYM is in Karnataka.

20.        C:N ration of micro organism is 4:1 to 9:1

21.        Ammonical fertilizers should be applied in Reduced zone.

22.        Nitrate fertilizer should be applied in Oxidized zone.

23.        Wood is mainly decomposed by Actinomycetes.

24.        The smell of soil after the fresh shower is due to Actinomycetes.

25.        Population of actinomycetes is higher in Alkaline soil.

26.        By adding organic matter Bulk density will decrease.

27.        Vermiculite is a 2:1 non-expanding type of mineral.

28.        Montmorillonite is a 2:1 expanding type of mineral.

29.        Kaolinite is a 1:1 non-expanding type of mineral.

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