Daily Dosage - Maize - Oneliner- Agronomy Q & A For All Competitive Exams

 Maize -Oneliner- Agronomy Q & A For All Competitive Exams

1.  Origin of maize: Mexico
2. Botanical name of maize: Zea Mays
3. Family of maize: Gramineae/Poaceae
4. Chromosome number of maize: 2n=20
5. Maize is C4 plant and non-tiller plant.
6. Maize is a cross pollinated crop due to protoandry.
7. Protein in maize is called Zein(10%)
8. Oil percentage in maize- 4%.
9. Germination type of maize– Hypogeal type.
10. White bud in maize caused by Zinc deficiency.
11.  Male part is known as Tessel and female part is known as Silk.
12.  Removal of male part is known as De-tesseling.
13.  Maize is an indicator plant for Zn deficiency.
14.  Maize is a back bone of America.
15.  Bihar is a leading state in rabi maize.
16.  In maize yellow colour due to crypto-xanthin.
17.  Maize is known as queen of cereals.
18.  Opaque-2 gene presents in quality protein maize (QPM) varieties.
19.  Water requirement in maize: 600-800 mm.
20.   Maize is a short day plant.
21.   Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) established the first Coordinated Crop Improvement Project on maize (CCIPM) in 1957. In 1963 it was renamed as All Indian Coordinated Maize Improvement Project (AICMIP).
22 . It was further upgraded to Directorate of Maize Research (DMR) in January 1994. On 9th February, 2015 DMR was upgraded to ICAR- Indian Institute of Maize Research (ICAR-IIMR) to further consolidate the maize research programme in the country. The headquarters of ICAR-IIMR was shifted from New Delhi to Ludhiana in 2016.
23. Seed multiplication ratio of maize: 1:80 (Varieties) & 1:100 (Hybrids)
24. Flint corn (Zea mays indurata) cultivated in India.
25. About 95% of production in USA is dent corn (Zea mays indentata).
26. Sweet corn (Zea mays saccharata) is a sweetest among all corn.
27. Pop corn (Zea mays everta) When heated to 170°C, the grain swellsand         burst and turning inside out. At this temperature, the water held in the starch turns to steam and the pressure causes the explosion.
28. Seed rate for maize-

  • Composite variety: 15-20 kg/ha.
  • Kharif: 15-20 kg/ha.
  • Baby corn: 25 kg /ha.
  • Hybrid: 20-25 kg/ha.
  • Fodder maize: 40-45 kg/ha.


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