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Cropping Seasons

Kharif crop : July to Oct
Rabi crop : Oct to March
Zaid crop : March to June

  • Cropping pattern : Yearly sequence and spatial arrangement of crops and fallow on a given area (Proportion of the area under various crops at a time)
  • Cropping scheme : It is plan related to the most profitable use of resources, land, labour, capital and management.
  • Cropping system, LS system, poultry system etc., are the sub division of farming system 
  • Crop system is the sub division of cropping system 
  • Mono cropping also called as mono culture 

  • Mono cropping : one crop during one season or year.
  • Double crop : two crop per year
  • Triple crop : three crop per year
  • Multiple cropping : more than 2 crops per year
  • Parallel multiple cropping : Intercropping with zero competition
  •  Multiple cropping / Inter cropping / Mixed cropping / Relay cropping / Strip cropping : Crop intensification is in time and space dimension 

  • Sequential cropping : Crop intensification is only in time dimension. No intercrop competition. Succeeding crop planted after harvesting of first crop

  • Relay cropping : Succeeding crop planted before harvesting of preceding crop
  • Companion crop : Short duration crop planted in between sugarcane (intercrop). It harvested before elongation phase of sugarcane
  • Component crop : Individual crop species that are a part of multiple cropping system
  • Sole crop : Pure stand or Solid planting (opposite to intercropping)
  • Simultaneous poly culture : It includes intercropping, mixed cropping, inter culture, inter planting, relay planting.
  • Allelopathy : The any direct or indirect harmful effect that one plant has on another through the production of chemical substances that escape into the environment 
  • Synergetic cropping : Two crops yield is higher than sole crop yield 

  • Energy crop : Sugarcane & Tapioca 
  • Nurse crop or Green manure crop : Tephrosia, Crotalaria 
  • Avenue crop or Road side crop : Gliricidia, Pigeon pea 
  • Riparian crop : pepper wort, Water bind weed


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